11 Fascinating things to know about Casino

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Casino is popular all over the globe. It has gone through an amazing journey since its invention. Time to reveal such unknown & interesting facts about Casinos.

Here we GO.

#1 Name Casino

Casino was purely built for entertainment, and the Word Casino is derived from an Italian word, which means “small villa”, or summer house.

And then later, the meaning shifted to include public entertainment spaces, which is how eventually casino associated with the gaming world.

#2 Growth of Online Casinos

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In 1994, The Caribbean nation was the first country to pass a law which made it easy to apply for licences. Till now, we can find lacs of Casino websites giving a platform to play online gambling games.

#3 Involved in Good Causes

It has been involved in so many good causes. And the past history of casino says, money raised from it has been used for public building projects, including construction of The Great Wall of China.

#4 Coin Drop Sounds

Not many know, but Casinos used to play the sound of coin drops in the house speakers only to make people think they were winning, only motto was to encourage them to gamble.

#5 Profits go to Charity

As mentioned above, In the past many Casinos used to donate their shares/profits in for good causes. Casino Helsinki is the one especially known for the charity works around the globe, gives all of its profit to charity.

#6 The Four Kings

For the big part of the time, even I thought that the cartoonish kings in the pack of cards are just that: cartoons. Actually, there is a story behind these four kings. Each of these kings represents a real one from the ancient history. Spades king represents, King David of Israel. Hearts king represents, French King Charlemagne. The Macedonian King, Alexander the Great represents Club, while diamonds is for the Emperor of Rome, Augustus Caesar.

#7 Devil’s Game

Did you know?

Roulette is called as the Devil’s Game or the Devil’s Wheel?

Yes, that’s the tag this game got when a smart aleck realized that all the numbers of roulette add up to 666, yes Devil’s number. Creepy, yeah?

#8 American roulette is harder than European roulette

There is slightly harder to win in American roulette than the European one. Originally a French game, Americans have tweaked the formula to include 38 instead of 37 possible places for the ball to land (adding a “00” as well as a “0” house pocket to the wheel).

#9 Macau: The Gambling Capital of the World

It’s true that Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the U.S., but Macau is the gambling capital of the world, with bets bringing in $45.2 billion in revenue in 2017.

#10 Story of Fred Smith (FedEx Creator)

Fred Smith’s hope was to win enough to pull business out of debt, and which he certainly did. He used all his company funds to take the Blackjack tables in Las Vegas.

#11 Largest Slot Machine in the World

The Super Big Bertha, at over 8 feet tall and 6.5 feet wide. It’s eight spinning reels make the odds of hitting a mere 1 in 25.6 billion.

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