I will not act in vulgar movies anymore : Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi who is well-known for his erotic image, decided not to act in vulgar movies anymore. Here’s why

During an interview regarding his new movie Baadshaho, Emraan Hashmi cleared that he is not gonna act anymore in x-rated movies like Murder, Raaz 3, Jannat series where he gave smooches, performed sex scenes and blaah..blaah..blaah.

Emraan hashmi with Esha gupta

If you don’t know…

Emraan made his debut with Footpath, but it was the erotic-thriller Murder in 2004 which brought him into the limelight.

In an interview to PTI, Emraan said, “I will not go back to doing those films. They played an important part in my career and life. Those kinds of characters and films have contributed immensely, but I am not the same person or the actor I was back then”.

“My tastes have changed. The audience’s tastes have changed and it’s changing very rapidly. So it’s very important to give them something new and reinvent constantly. So that is my aim with the upcoming films”, he added.

Currently, the actor is elated with the success of his new movie Baadshaho released on 1st September. Directed by Milan Luthria, it is the story of six people who try to alter their fates by plotting a BIG heist in the midst of an emergency period in India.

“When you work hard in a film, acceptability is important. The trade part is important too, that the investors should get their money and everyone is happy. Creatively, we were satisfied and now the trade is gung-ho too, so everyone is extremely happy”, said Emraan Hashmi.

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The actor is now gearing up to start his first production movie, Captain Nawab

When asked about Captain Nawab, “It is inspired by a real event but eventually, it is a fictional piece of work. This has been sourced out from true happenings in our country, there is some element of fiction added. But it doesn’t go into the masala zone. It is very gritty, very real. It is an entertaining war drama thriller”.

Emraan Hashmi captain nawab poster

“It has a sense of realism and at the same time, it is entertaining. Bringing together these two things is a challenge but I am sure we will be up for it”, he added.

In Captain Nawab, Emraan gonna play a role of an army man but the actor says he is always nervous before playing any role.

To take the shape of this new role, Hashmi started working hard on his body. And his fans including me are awaiting this movie Captain Nawab.



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