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Here’s  Virat Kohli story,

He is one who is binding his teammates to a magic stick. So I don’t think it’s a bad idea to put some light on a truly motivating story of ‘Chikku’ aka Virat Kohli. 

Virat as a kid

Time to start our ride, On your marks…ready…steady…and GO.

It was Nov 5, 1988 when a boy cried for the first time in the family of Saroj and Prem Kohli, the place was Uttam Nagar, Delhi.

In a country where cricket is considered a religion, it isn’t easy to compete with a million other talented young men in the sport and make it to the top. From a small kid who played for the local cricket teams to the captain of Indian team, Virat Kohli had a long and inspiring journey.

This is a story of an 18-year-old teenager, who loved cricket more than anyone else. An act, which stunned, not just his teammates, but also his opposition.

Let’s live that moment with Virat,

Dec 18, 2006

Match was in-progress, Delhi vs Karnataka ( Ranji trophy ). The stadium was Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.

Day 1:

Karnataka scored 446 in their first innings.

Day 2:

First, it was icy-cold morning. Second, Batting wasn’t easy, so, difficulty was at its best. Delhi Ranji team lost their 5 wickets early on, chasing Karnataka’s mammoth first innings total. With half of the side back in the hut on the 2nd day itself, it was an uphill task for the remaining batsmen to save the match.

Virat Kohli walked out and along with Puneet Bist helped reach Delhi 103 at the end of the day’s play. Kohli unbeaten on 40, But Delhi still needed this pair to go a long way.

Delhi vs Karnataka

That night, His World turned upside down. his father Prem Kohli, just 54 years old, passed away.

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Virat faced an awful choice, whether to attend his father’s funeral or to go and finish his innings for Delhi. Delhi’s dressing room was aware of the sad news, Chetanya Nanda was informed to pad up as Kohli won’t come to bat. But, you know everybody…yes everybody was shocked as Kohli entered the dressing room in full cricketing gear. He decided to go in and bat.

Virat Kohli sad

Delhi boy played for 281 minutes, scored match saving 90 off 238 deliveries. His team was clearly out of trouble, with only 36 runs needed to avoid the follow-on.

Virat with father
Virat with his father


At around 12 noon, quietly removed his pads and went straight to attend the funeral. From 14-4 ( top order back to the hut ), Delhi managed to save the match and the responsible person was the man who lost his father the night before.

He knew that his father is gone. But, Delhi needed him badly and the match could be saved. He just wanted to fulfil his father’s only dream, knowing that some part of his life would never be the same.

Story of Virat Kohli

Such a dedicated man he is…VIRAT PREM KOHLI.



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