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These 7 Twitter tips and tricks are going to rock your day…Read out!!!

1.Add at least two or three links to your Bio:

In the Bio field on Twitter, you can only use 160 characters to describe yourself. And we know 160 characters are like nothing so, keep your bio brief and use a couple of links to Facebook or Instagram profile.

Twitter profile
Twitter profile

Make sure you use http:// at the start of the link so that link is clickable.

 2. Make use of the three most ReTweeted words:

They are “You”, “Twitter” and “Please”. So, please try to use you often when you are tweeting your followers and you will be good.

3. Beat the limit 140 characters by adding a text screenshot:

If you have something to say, but exceeding the Twitter 140 characters limit. Then?

Tackle 140 characters limit of Twitter
Tackle the 140 characters limit of Tweeter by uploading an image of the text

Don’t worry, I have something for you, Use any word processing program or any text application on your mobile to write a longer message, then convert that into an image and finally upload that on Twitter. Kudos!!! You are done.

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4.  Try Siri or other personal mobile assistants to tweet on behalf of you:

Here is the step-by-step process,

Make Siri to post tweets
step by step process of tweeting through Siri

5. Make sure the images you  are uploading must stand out:

For images to stand out they must be of 1024 x 512 size because Twitter crops the images below or above this scale.

And if you are sharing a 1:1 size image, be aware that Twitter is going to preview only the middle section of the image.

6. Pin a tweet at the top of your profile:

If a Tweet is doing good and converting particularly well, or if you have a key information that you want your followers should know, you can pin it so it will always appear at the top of your Tweets.

Pinned tweet
Pinned tweet

7. Don’t have enough time to Tweet, no problem:

If you have a busy schedule and still you want to Tweet to your followers, but How???

The Twitter tools Tweepsmap can show you when most of your followers use Twitter so that you can automatically schedule your best content to get out. Thanks to such tools.

Happy Tweeting!!!



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