Bill Gates use an Android phone with Microsoft apps [Video]

An interview has brought out a rather worrying discovery for Apple fans — Microsoft’s co-founder uses an Android smartphone.

We all are familiar with the Android vs iOS battle, both the platforms have their own set of advantages as well as disadvantages and yet, we haven’t had a winner yet.

One interview on FOX News added more fuel to the fire when Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that he is an Android lover and currently using the same with a lot of Microsoft applications.

That’s not a surprise as many Android manufacturers pre-load Microsoft apps on their smartphones. And since Microsoft themselves sell Samsung’s Galaxy S8 through their stores, it is not hard to suspect that he possibly uses the S8 as his daily driver. hmmm..

Here are the exact words, “I actually did switch to an Android phone with lots of Microsoft Software. I always often use Windows-based PCs”.

“So, no iPhone?” Chris Wallace (FOX NEWS host) asked.

“No iPhone,” Gates said.

Check out the below video where Bill Gates saying NO to iPhone:

Of course, we have to keep guessing until Bill Gates himself reveals which model he’s using as his personal phone, so what would be your guess? Which Android phone do you think the co-founder of Microsoft is using? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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