Facts to know about the Blue Whale Challenge game [Updated]

Doesn’t matter if you are in favor or against Blue Whale Challenge, but these facts will surely take you a step closer to this game.

Here we go…

The Term Blue Whale

The term ‘Blue Whale’ is derived from the phenomenon of beached whales, which is quite related to suicide.

Beached Whale

Not a game

It is not just a game, it’s simply a set of instructions which will lead the player to end his/ her own life.

Blue Whale challenge game


Social media savvy teens have discovered this challenge from different hashtags on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Social media savvy

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YouTube + Tumblr power

Popular social networks like Youtube and Tumblr are now trying to push the things back by showing suicide prevention group’s contacts when users post ‘Blue Whale’ related keywords.

YouTube Tumblr


This deadly challenge game was created by Philipp Budeikin, a 22-year-old Russian who was expelled from his university.  Budeikin stated that his purpose was to “clean” the society as people who participated in it were “biological waste”. He is been jailed for 3 years by Police of Russia.

Philipp Budeikin- Blue Whale game inventor

When started?

Blue Whale game is reported to have started in Russia in 2013, “F58” was one of the first names of the ‘death group’  of the VK (VKontakte), a Russian online social network.

VK- VKontakte

The Boss

This game can’t be downloaded from the internet, according to a report, it is found that the administrator of the game contacts the player through social network VKontakte and the deadly game begins.



Last month, a 14-year-old boy in Andheri (East), Mumbai lost his life by jumping off the terrace of his five-floor building, all due to this challenge game.

Blue Whale challenge suicide


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