Why do we all have depression nowadays?

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Depression is always one of the most underrated things that bother a human. We feel that it is some sort of illness. Most people don’t even admit that they are facing issues and problems that might trigger.


What are actually these issues and problems? Back then, people never had so much depression. At least, the cases and situations did not come out that frequently. So, what is the reason behind all this? Come, let’s find out!

“If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days.” – Kris Carr

Feeling really lonely even if you’re in a room full of people


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“To describe it more clearly, it is a state of constant sadness, hopelessness, emptiness, misery and lethargy. It is one of the most painful conditions to go through. The patient is perpetually melancholic and very, very lazy. The patient feels he/she has lost all hope in life and is completely aimless. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to suicidal tendencies.”

It happens because of chemical imbalance

depression due to chemical imbalance

“On a physiological level, depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, most notably a decrease in serotonin. The hippocampus region in the brain also becomes smaller due to the lack of neurons. Fortunately, depression can be cured. Apart from genetic factors, these are the main causes leading to depression.”

Major life events affect us a lot

life event depression

Tragedies are inevitable in life. We all know that. What we must have is the ability to cope with these events. Things like the death of a loved one, a divorce, childhood trauma, etc. are tough to handle. And all we can do is move on. But as they say, time heals everything.”

Society’s pressure makes people depressed

society pressure depression

“We as social animals are bound to live in a society. And society imposes some crushing standards to live up to like-

Secure 1st rank in school,

Get into IITs or medical school by 18,

Get a job by early or mid 20s,( that too 6 figure salary)

Get married by late 20s etc.

As for women, it must be worse ( fair complexion, ideal wife, menstruation issues etc.) That’s why women are twice as more prone to depression than men.

With competition like this, it’s easy to fall into depression. That’s why we have so many student suicides. To them, I would just suggest this: success and failure…neither are final. And we have one life to live…don’t waste it.”

Failing in love life makes it worse

love depression

“Love failures, abusive and toxic relationships, loneliness and heartbreak, all of them can be blamed for depression. And, nowadays, a lot of people get into relationships just for the sake of it and not because they genuinely feel love towards a certain person. If someone truly loves you, you’d know. They won’t treat you like crap and certainly won’t break your heart.”

Social media and materialistic life pose a serious threat

social media depression

“Do I really need to explain this? Social media was started for socialising with fellow beings. Instead it became a tool to feed our fragile egos. ‘likes= desirability’, this is what Facebook and Instagram have become. And today’s generation is getting edgier and freakier by the day for likes. ‘Less number of likes= I’m not good enough for anyone…’ is What people think. Wake up and see the world through your eyes.

People pursue happiness all throughout their lives and of all the places that can find happiness, they try to find it in things. Buying the latest gadgets and clothes only to show off and to make themselves feel good. I don’t know whether it’s making us happy or not but it’s surely making the capitalists happy. Find happiness in the little things in life like spending time with your loved ones, helping someone in need, creating something new, etc.”

Being abused or prone to drug and alcohol can make it unbearable

drugs depression

“Many people, particularly men, try to cope with depression by drowning themselves in alcohol and drugs. They say it numbs their pain and gives relief. But what they don’t know is that depression strikes back harder after the numb phase. And from then it’s just a downward spiral of depression and addiction.”

Family history also plays a crucial role

family depression

“Depression can run in families and some people will be at an increased genetic risk. However, having a parent or close relative with depression doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have the same experience.”

Trust issues


“Yes,with lots of negativism prevailing in the world,everyone finds it difficult to trust others.So,rather than sharing their problems with others,they keep it to themselves,and their stress level keep on accumulating.”

Depression happens when we are over stressed

overstress depression

“Depression is the condition of the over-stressed brain or the conscious mind. When the brain or the mind becomes overactive and faces a situation which it dislikes thoroughly but it can do nothing about the same to change the situation and it can’t accept the reality, Depression takes over to put brain or the mind at rest.

When one doesn’t want to do something but is forced by the situation and circumstances to do just that or when one wants to do something desperately but can’t do it because of the situation and circumstances then Depression takes over.

If one accepts the reality, as the will of God, then depression can not occur.

Depression is so rampant these days because the majority of the people have no faith in God and can’t accept the reality.

Their obsession is so strong and rigid that their brain or mind can do virtually nothing but keep thinking about the obsession (overthinking) then they are gripped by Depression.

People are becoming more materialistic and demanding and inflexible.”

These were the thoughts of different people on Quora.

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